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Dr. Ilan Cohen explains about cataract surgery New Jersey and New York.

"Dr. Cohen is one of the finest surgeons I can possibly imagine in the New York area. He has handled an incredible amount of complicated cases with ease."

Cataract surgery New Jersey & New York patients of Dr. Ilan Cohen at 5th Avenue Eye Center discuss their experience.

"My #1 referral source is Dr. Cohen. He is my top notch cornea surgeon because I've seen his results. His results are far superior than most surgeons in the area. It takes a skilled surgeon to do a phenomenal job and that is what he does."

My PRK Experience (Patient Review)

"I am absolutely happy. I had no pain or discomfort day 1 after my PRK procedure and my vision was clear 2 days after surgery. I could see as clear as if I had my glasses. I'm loving it!" - Lauralyn G.

LASIK Surgery - My Personal Experience (Patient Review)

"I was recommended by a coworker who had a really great experience with Dr. Cohen and his staff. The surgery was easy, no pain, no discomfort and I can totally see!" - Amy

My Personal Experience with Toric Lenses (Patient Review)

"I was referred to Dr. Cohen by my Retina specialist, after no other eye surgeon wanted to do surgery on my eyes. The difference in my vision is like day and night."- Joe

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